What I Do



     You have a full wardrobe of clothes and accessorize, but have absolutely nothing to wear? If that sounds familiar, then you definitely need a thorough wardrobe revamp, where I help you to sort all your clothes, put aside things which are currently out of fashion, find new interesting combinations and check what else is required to make your wardrobe unique and easy to manage





How it works

     Simply book an appointment with me for a time that is convenient and I will be happy to come and help you. A standard revamp usually takes three hours. By the end of the session you will also receive a shopping list with items necessary to update and refresh you current wardrobe



       Whether you are looking for a whole new wardrobe or an outfit for a one off occasion I am happy to help you choose. I would love to go shopping with you and provide you with useful advice. You do not even have to buy anything, as sometimes just checking and trying on new styles and trends you did not dare too before, can be very useful. I mostly work around Surrey and Guildford, however, I am happy to come to London or the surrounding area.


How it works

     Firstly, book a free consultation by contacting me either by email or on my mobile.  We can have a chat to gauge what you are looking for and arrange a shopping day in town. I will do a one hour pre-shop for you free of charge before our shopping session begins, to save the hassle for you of checking all departments and garments

 Capsule Wardrobe

     If you are not a big fan of shopping, but you wish your wardrobe to be functional, stylish and easy to utilize even with a very limited amount of clothing, then this service is perfect for you. Your capsule wardrobe will consist of only 20-25 items specifically tailored for your needs and will include all accessories and shoes. All items within the capsule will be easy to mix and match in order to create chic and stylish everyday outfits (a minimum of 30 outfits which means a new look for every day of the month)


How it works

      After the initial free consultation with me where we discuss all your requirements, I will find your capsule wardrobe items tailored for your needs, budget, body shape and colour type. I will then create a beautiful presentation with minimum of 30 stylish outfits made out of those 20-25 items. Within 10 days after your initial consultation you will receive this presentation from me accompanied by the list of website links where to purchase capsule items.

Online Wardrobe Revamp

Sometimes the possession of an enormous amount of clothes does not necessary make your outfits stylish and perfect for you,  same as having only a limited number of garments does not always imply that you cannot look trendy and chic. It is all about the perfect way of styling, combining, mixing and matching your clothes. I can help with creating as many looks, from your own collection of clothes, so familiar and so usual to you and so surprisingly stylish they will become after a styling session with me. I understand that not everybody would like some stranger to go through their own cupboard of treasures, so I am happy to offer this service online.

How it works

     Simply take pictures of all you clothes shoes and bags each separately on your phone and send them to me either via email or any messenger or social network. In a few days time you will receive from me a beautiful presentation where each slide  will contain a particular look made out of your items. As a bonus feature, I will add some pieces from high street shops if necessary to make those looks more edgy and chic and send you the links for where to buy the suggested garments from.



       I know how difficult it can be sometimes to choose the right colour, style, cut and fabric for yourself and stay trendy, fashionable and elegant, while trying to achieve a completely effortless look. My consultations will help teach you which particular styles work best for you, what is currently trendy, how to accessorize everyday outfits, how to create a capsule wardrobe and how to update your wardrobe by only adding a few little things. I can also arrange to do a full colour analysis for you.



How it works


     Book a consultation with me and we meet at a place of your choice.  It can be a little café place in town or in the comfort of your own home. The consultation usually last for around 45 to 60 minutes. Take a friend with you to make our consultation more fun and share the experience and costs. I will be happy to provide my unique styling advice for the both of you. 



If you are traveling from abroad and want to explore the beautiful streets of London, I am here to assist with the navigation through the shopping wilderness, choosing the right places to shop and providing my unique styling advice.   I also speak Russian as well as English.


How it works

The shopping tour can be arranged via email or mobile phone. I am also happy to do tours for small groups usually for up to 5 people.